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China won't use yuan exchange rate as trade war weapon, Li says

Comments to World Economic Forum in Tianjin are implicit rejection of Donald Trump's claim that Beijing has been manipulating its currency

White House reviews Epoch Times photographer's handing of folder to Trump

Photographer Samira Bouaou gave the folder to the US president as he left the East Room after speaking at a reception for the Congressional Medal of Honour Society

Trump: 'we probably have no choice' but to put tariffs on all Chinese goods

The US president's move to impose 10 per cent tariffs on US$200 billion of Chinese goods was seen as killing any chance of new talks taking place

Is Beijing's offer of residence permits to Taiwanese a trick or treat?

A small smart card introduced by Beijing that offers Taiwanese a range of incentives to live and work on the Chinese mainland has generated an outsize controversy over whether its real aim is to...

Vatican-Beijing deal on bishops no cause for concern, Taipei told

Taiwan has received assurances from the Holy See that a potential deal with mainland China over the appointment of bishops would not have "political or diplomatic connotations" for the self-ruled...

Former top Chinese officials call for better protection of human rights

Former top Chinese finance officials have called for better enforcement of the law and protection of human rights in China at a top forum to mark the 40th anniversary of the country's market...

China to ban foreigners from preaching religion online

All foreigners will be banned from using the internet to promote and preach religions in China under new draft rules aimed at providing "lawful regulation" and raising standards....

Beijing accuses Taiwan of blackmailing students into spying for it

Beijing has accused Taiwan of blackmailing visiting university students into gathering intelligence about the Chinese mainland and claims to have cracked more than 100 espionage cases involving the...

Top Xi adviser makes time to listen to view of pro-market economists

Chinese vice-premier attended conference where a series of speakers called for the private sector to play a greater role in the country's development

Meet the man who hopes to be the first Asian-American president

While the odds are against him, Andrew Yang says entering the race for the White House will allow him to highlight issues such as the threat to jobs from robots and radical plans for a universal basic income

China steps up transport ban to stem spread of African swine fever

China has banned the transport of live hogs and pig products from 10 regions bordering the six provinces that have reported African swine fever outbreaks in recent weeks....

Taiwan urged to stem brain drain as Beijing lures top talent

Authorities in Taiwan should step up efforts to counter an academic "brain drain" from the island amid escalating political and economic pressure from Beijing, according to the president-elect of...

Every overseas student will get green card, says US presidential hopeful

The man who hopes to become the first Asian-American president of the United States has vowed to welcome immigrants into the country with open arms if he wins a race against incumbent Donald Trump,...

China plans licence system to crack down on promotion of religion

China has drawn up new draft guidelines to crack down on the "chaotic" and illegal online promotion of religion, the official Global Times reported on Tuesday, part of a tough state campaign to...

China scraps family planning agencies in hint at end to birth limits

China is eliminating a trio of agencies responsible for enforcing family planning policies in a further sign the government may be planning to scrap long-standing limits on the number of children...

Why 'Made in China 2025' triggered the wrath of President Trump

The Chinese government announced the 'Made in China 2025' strategic plan in 2015. Aimed at closing the gap with Western hi-tech prowess and lessening China's dependency on imported technology, it specified 10 areas where the country should take the lead.

Taiwan's Berlin Hair Salon asked to take down 'Nazi swastika'

Business owner insists crossed razor logo has nothing to do with Nazism after German diplomats complain

China, Japan, US 'working together on North Korea denuclearisation'

United Nations meeting next week on Pyongyang situation will be led by top US diplomat Mike Pompeo

Venezuela's Maduro doubles down on Chinese money to reverse crisis

Venezuela's president hails 'new economic era' after securing US$5 billion in fresh investment from China, that he says will help to almost double oil exports there

US Senate wants to reinstate ZTE's ban if it breaks Trump's deal

Lawmakers threaten the Chinese telecoms giant with the same penalties that were lifted in July, when it was pulled back from the brink of collapse

Taiwanese firms to flee mainland China over US tariffs, says Taipei

Self-ruled island's government offering 'the most effective' help for companies to move operations to Taiwan, ministers say

Germany considers billion euro fund to counter China tech takeovers

The German government is taking steps to counter a surge in Chinese bids for stakes in German technology companies, including the creation of a billion euro fund that could rescue such firms in...

Chinese exporters say government steps too little to offset trade war

Ten-point plan to reduce burden on business won't be enough to offset American tariffs and the general decline in economic activity, industry players say

China has no intention of reducing role of state-owned firms

Beijing has affirmed the leading role of state firms in China's technological and economic progress amid the escalating trade war with the United States, with a major nationwide conference planned...

China seeks to avoid 'black swan' disruptions as trade war fears rise

Chinese financial regulators have met again to discuss growing concern about surprise events, such as a sharp escalation in the trade war with the United States, that could severely damage China's...

Trade war, higher costs threaten China's small export businesses

US tariffs combined with rising costs and taxes are putting tens of thousands of exporters, and the jobs they provide, at risk

China investment growth falls to record low

China investment growth slowed to a record low in August, but industrial output and retail sales both grew at stronger-than-expected rates

China must push its private sector past a crisis of confidence

For people seeking internet fame or infamy, making shocking claims is one of the surest routes to generate eyeball traffic. In that sense, Wu Xiaoping, who was until recently an obscure investment banker turned internet entrepreneur, achieved instant notoriety last week when he posted a short essay on Chinese social media arguing that China's private sector had played its historical role in assisting the leap forward of the public sector and should be phased out.

China steps to boost lending to offset trade war ineffective so far

Central bank expected ease monetary further, given its steps to boost bank financing and stabilise growth are not having the intended effect

China's August economic data weak but no signs of trade war impact

Growth rate of fixed-asset investment, a key driver of nation's economy, has been falling for some time, government spokesman says

Apple's smartwatches, wireless earphones spared in latest US tariffs

The California-based tech firm has lobbied for the US to keep its products and components off the list of US$200 billion in Chinese-made items facing new US tariffs

Beijing likely to cancel trade war talks after latest Trump tariffs

China is likely to cancel its tentative plans to send President Xi Jinping's top economic adviser to Washington after his US counterpart Donald Trump announced new tariffs on US$200 billion worth...

A mystery is threatening China's US$128 billion pork industry

The African swine fever virus - harmless to humans - can survive for more than a year in cured pork, which is how it probably took hold in Russia's backyard farms last year, before spreading to China through illicit trade of hogs

A robot revolution is under way at the 'world's factory'. Here's why

In the second report in a series, He Huifeng and Celia Chen look at how Beijing's ambitious industrial plan aims to break China's reliance on foreign technology and pull its hi-tech industries up to Western levels

China counts cost of Mangkhut - and more billion-dollar storms

The financial toll from the most powerful typhoon to hit China this year could be in the billions of yuan, officials and analysts estimate, adding to the ever-growing economic cost storms are...

China imposes tariffs on US$60 billion worth of US imports

China has hit back at fresh US tariffs on Chinese goods with duties of 5 and 10 per cent on US$60 billion worth of American imports. They will come into effect on September 24, the same day as the...

US firms in China say Trump tariffs will hurt, not tempt them home

US President Donald Trump's decision to impose tariffs on US$200 billion worth of Chinese products will "cause suffering" for US businesses in China and fail to persuade them to relocate to the...

China's secret to making vegetables grow bigger, faster, stronger

Scientists hail breakthrough as results of the world's largest experiment confirm fruit and vegetable output can soar without chemical pesticides and fertilisers

Super Typhoon Mangkhut brings back bad memories in Guangdong

Residents of Zhuhai in southern China's Guangdong province were stockpiling food and water on Saturday in preparation for the arrival of Super Typhoon Mangkhut, as the government shut down the...

US tariffs leave crack in door open for trade war talks with China

Washington's latest tariffs on Chinese goods give US companies time to change business tack and temporarily shield heavy-hitters like tech giant Apple, according to analysts....

How will Donald Trump's escalated tariffs affect China's GDP?

The US' latest announcement of tariffs on US$200 billion worth of Chinese products may knock about half a percentage point off China's growth rate, according to officials and economists....

Travelling in China? You no longer have to fear its dirty toilets

Three years into its "toilet revolution" and China has built or upgraded tens of thousands of facilities at tourists sites across the country....

Chinese student dies in US car crash that split vehicle in two

A 21-year-old Chinese exchange student was killed in the United States in a car crash that split the vehicle in two, scattering parts across a residential street in Pennsylvania, local media...

Four dead in southern China as Mangkhut leaves trail of destruction

At least four people have been killed in southern China after Typhoon Mangkhut, the most powerful tropical storm to hit the county this year, barrelled into the southern province of Guangdong, the...

Trump's policies may make it harder for US to find Chinese teachers

While demand for Chinese language education is on the up, stricter rules on immigration may make it harder for schools to find enough qualified teachers

Crazy rich Chinese demand for rosewood propels drive toward extinction

Stronger international regulations are doing little to stop traffickers from illegal trade of the tropical hardwood

China bulldozing churches, replacing holy imagery with Communist

A government sign outside a Catholic church in central China warns that children are not allowed to attend mass. "Illegal" churches are being bulldozed. Priests are handing over personal...

The Sindhis of Shanghai: how an Indian diaspora cracked China

Daryanani, Lalwani, Malpani, Chatlani, Chandiramani. No matter where you might come across a Sindhi, their distinctive surnames make them easy to spot. The same is true even when they anglicise their first names, as they often do, in an effort to integrate in a foreign land, and Haresh becomes Harry and Kishan turns into Kenny.

The cyclist, 71, who has spent 10 years travelling the world on his bike

An elderly Chinese man is fundraising to continue his dream of cycling around the globe, after travelling more than 100,000km (60,000 miles) through 24 countries over the past decade....

How hotpot's history boiled over into a national controversy

With different parts of China all laying claim to the title of hotpot's hometown, we look back at the history of the dish in all its different varieties

Two Chinese nuclear power plants in path of Typhoon Mangkhut

Two nuclear power plants stand on the projected path of Typhoon Mangkhut, which is expected to make landfall in mainland China as early as Sunday afternoon....

Naked Chinese businessmen detained in India after car crash

Police in India have detained two Chinese men found naked after their car crashed into another vehicle on a busy road in the country's north on the weekend, according to Indian media reports....

China says tackling African swine fever 'complex and challenging'

Battling the spread of African swine fever in China is "very complex and challenging", the country's agriculture ministry said after chairing a meeting of over a dozen major government bodies....

Fix tested for HK$1.56 billion Hong Kong airport traffic management system

Software solution follows glitch last month in which radar screens did not show full data for three flights, but at least one lawmaker wants system scrapped.

Reclaim 2.6km-long strip in harbour to ease housing woes, architects say

But critics say plan has low chance of success given existing law against development in the area

Will Wolf Warrior 2 (take two) end up howling at the moon?

Distributor hopes to breathe new life into flagging box office by reshowing patriotic blockbuster that took US$830 million last year

How climate change can cause more super typhoons

As Super Typhoon Mangkhut - potentially one of the strongest storms to hit Hong Kong - sweeps across east Asia and Hurricane Florence threatened the east coast of the United States, scientists have...

Cyberspace controls set to strengthen under China's new internet boss

The new chief of China's powerful internet regulator has vowed to "unswervingly" strengthen Communist Party control over the world's largest online population....

Will EU's Asian infrastructure plan collide with China's belt and road?

The European Union has put forward its own infrastructure and investment plan for Asia with emphasis on sustainability and rules-based investment - aspects which China's "Belt and Road Initiative"...

Life in prison for professor found guilty of Hong Kong yoga ball murders

Khaw Kim Sun, 53, has been convicted of killing wife and teenage daughter with deadly gas

China silent on possible Vatican delegation to Beijing

China's foreign ministry has refused to elaborate on a newspaper report that the Vatican could send a delegation to Beijing before the end of this month to clinch a deal on the appointment of...

Taiwan braced for wave of cyberattacks from mainland China

Self-ruled island warns that Beijing, as well as Russia and North Korea, is using it as a testing ground before targeting US and other countries